Thursday, June 28, 2007

Monday, April 09, 2007


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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

People Are Stupid

Yes, it's another rant about how I hate stupid people. I purchased something off eBay on September 22nd. I paid for it on the 25th via PayPal. The seller finally shipped the item on the 28th, via the slowest freaking method possible (DHL.) From the date of payment, it's going to take me 10 days to receive the item. Her excuse for using DHL instead of Priority Mail as stated in the auction? She thought DHL was more secure. Bullshit, she knew I was going to pitch a fit to the post office because she charged $18 for shipping. On top of the shipping charge ass-raping, she charged 8.25% tax. First of all, the item was less than $7 to ship, and my sales tax is 6%. She's another one of those shitty eBay sellers who pad their profits with insane shipping fees and taxes. Cunt. Her emails are all one sentance, with no punctuation and random capital letters thrown in for good measure. Plus, she uses IM/chat language in emails (ie: "b4" instead of "before", "ur" instead of "you are," etc.) She also can't comprehend the English language. The whole deal makes me want to scream, and just thinking about it gives me a headache. Hopefully the item will arrive in one piece on Thursday, and will be as described. I paid $23.24 in shipping and taxes, which is almost as much as the item itself. And the seller's a twat. How lovely.

I've had a headache since Saturday. I think it's because of the weather, all rainy and cold, but I'm not sure. Additionally, my cold sore came back. The first one cleared up and now I'm getting another one. Fucking fabulous.

This weekend I'm going to a haunted house if I have to go by myself. I love Halloween, so fuck this shit of staying home all season and doing absolutely nothing Halloweeny. Yes, I said "Halloweeny."

I'm in a foul mood. I'll be even pissier (not even a word, don't even care) tomorrow when I have to get up at 10AM to drive 20 miles to my Mom's in order to wash two loads of laundry. Then I'll get to drive all the way back here and get ready for school.

I'm going to try sleeping again.

That is all.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Four Year Anniversary

So I've been blogging 4 years. I've slowed down quite a bit on the old blogarooing, but I'm still here. I'm getting sick, again, and I'm not really doing much worth blogging about. It seems ever since I met Morgan I get sick way more than I used to. Probably because of stress, but it really doesn't matter. I hate being sick no matter what the circumstances.

My birthday blew. We saw the baby, which was great, but after they left (around 4PM,) my birthday was crap. I dug through stuff in my Mom's basement, and that was it. Really fun sounding birthday, huh?

I'm going to try and get someone to take me to a haunted house this coming weekend. Maybe someone will take pity on me and bless me with a trip. Saturday I may go to Wooster for a wrestling match (Wolfie,) but I'm not sure yet. He's pissing me off too, but then, who isn't?

Everytime I get the apartment arranged, Morgan drags more stuff in the room. And, instead of putting it away, he leaves it in the middle of the fucking room. This is a studio apartment; everything needs to be in its place at all times. I can't stand clutter, and he isn't helping the situation.

I have to wash clothes. Instead of telling me a couple days ago he was running out of uniforms, Morgan waited until this morning, when he put on the last clean uniform. Why he won't have them cleaned through work is beyond me; it's free and they deliver them to work. Oh wait, because it would be easier on me.

That is all.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Hey Look, It's An Update!

So I've been slacking. Sorry, but after 4 years of blogging, I've run out of witty things to say. Besides, my life is so boring right now, I really have nothing to blog about. I'm going through a mid-life crisis, and it isn't fun. But I will be 27 on Saturday, so it's to be expected.

Sorry, but I just don't have it in me to continue updating. I should go to bed.

That is all.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

New Blog

I just procured PooperLisa as a Blogger name. Now I have to wait until I can merge both accounts, and I'll stop using TheLawnBunny as my Blogger ID.

This is such a lame update.

That is all.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Damn, It's Been Awhile

Sheesh, I'm really slacking, aren't I? Anyway, now that I'm no longer on the evil afternoon shift, I have more time to dicker around on the Internet. Yay me!

My laptop is still broken, so I'm sharing a desktop with Morgan. You'd think with all of the computer shit we have, he'd build me a PC of my own, but noooooooooooo, I have to share with him. Obviously the sharing thing isn't working out so well. I hope to have a new A/C cord for my laptop next weekend, then I'll be back in business.

Morgan and I have not moved yet. The dream townhouse was fabulous, but with my new car payment, Morgan was afraid we couldn't afford $755/mo rent. While he's wrong, I wanted to prove to him he's wrong. We were planning on staying put, but when the landlord decided to raise the rent, we told him to bugger off. We have to find a place to live by July 31, or we'll be living with my Mom for a few weeks. We all know I don't want that, so I'm a bit nervous about finding a place on such short notice. What makes it harder is we're so damned picky. The place has to have 2 bedrooms, central air, a basement and be withing Jackson Township/North Canton/Plain Township or Canal Fulton. Oh, and be less than $550/mo. HA, good luck to us...

Tech training began a week ago at work. It's nice to only be on the phone for 3 hours a day, in the morning, then go to lunch at noon and have tech until 5PM. Friday we tore down a Chevy 350. This week we get to start rebuilding it. Our trainer is cool, so it's not bad at all.

Last weekend was Thunder In The North. Morgan and I both raced our cars on Sunday, and I pulled a pitiful best of 16.4. Morgan actually beat me once in MoneyPit, but only by half a second. Yeah, I'm ashamed. Oh well, my car gets me everywhere I need to go, and that's all I can ask of a V6 4th Gen. Photos from the Saturday car show/gathering are at the following URL:

through TITN13.jpg. The photos are huge because I don't feel like cropping with Morgan's crappy photo program.

I went out to start TruckBird last night. He started up just fine, but there was a huge puddle of coolant under him. I pulled him out of the garage, and there was a trail of coolant from the garage to the parking spot. Turns out, there's a plastic piece called the heater control valve. When this valve breaks, coolant pours out as if the radiator busted. $15 later my car was fixed. I plan on driving TruckBird to work sometime this week, just to get him out of the garage and moving around. Besides, his seats are way more comfy than the 4th Gen's. I miss my TruckBird.

I'm going to my Mom's house today, so I should get my ass moving. I don't want to be over there all night, since I'm back on day shift (woooo!)

That is all.

Friday, June 30, 2006


I know, I know, I need to update more. But with working my new schedule this week, and having 400 things to do, I haven't had much Internet time. Adding to the lack of Internet time is my laptop dying Wednesday. Technically the laptop itself is fine, it's the charger I'm having problems with. The computer doesn't recognize it's plugged into the wall, therefore my battery won't charge and I can't use my laptop anymore. I'm going to try and find a new AC adapter locally this weekend, and cross my fingers hoping that's what's wrong.

Off to bed.

That is all.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


I figured it was about time for a new post. So here it is...

The surgery went well. No major complications, and I was home by 3PM Thursday. I'm going back to work tomorrow, after a failed attempt at working yesterday. I went in, but came right home without clocking in. It was too early for me to go back, and I was still in a lot of pain even with pain meds. So I stayed home, and in bed, today. Quite nice, and it must have been just what I needed. I've not taken any pain meds today, and can walk upright just like the rest of the human race. Some of my steristrips came off today, and I'm not going to have many, if any, scars from this surgery. Woo me! Photos are below:

3 Days After Surgery:
Belly Button
Tummy 1
Tummy 2

Today, 6 Days After Surgery:
Incision above belly button
Belly Button
Incisions over liver
Incision below liver

In all, I have 5 incisions. The belly button one is the main incision, being about 1 and a quarter inches long, and I think it'll be the only one that may scar. The others are very small, and are mostly bruised and nothing else. Another week and you won't even be able to tell I had surgery.

Morgan and I were supposed to go to Fallingwater this weekend, but I'm not up for that kind of a roadtrip yet. Two surgeries in less than 3 months really put the screws to me, especially since I didn't have a chance to recover from one before having another. I was back to work 3.5 weeks after I had the baby, and today is the first day I've not had to leave the house since my gallbladder surgery.

Woo, we're moving in less than a month. I can't wait. Here are some videos of our new townhouse, taken the day after I had gallbladder surgery. See what I mean? No chance to recover from anything...
(Right click, save as)
Enjoy my commentary:


Make sure to watch them in order, or they won't make sense.

Over 1400 80's videos!! (Thanks, Mikey.)

My new work schedule begins Monday. While it will be nice not having to be at work until 1PM, it means I'm probably going to miss Bauhaus on Tuesday. I'll be able to make it to the concert, but I'll more than likely not arrive until after Bauhaus has played which really sucks. Yeah, seeing NIN will be cool, but I was ultra-excited about seeing Bauhaus. Oh well, I get off at 9:30PM, and doors are at 7PM. Hopefully, with the one opening act and the time in between set changes, I will get to see at least one Bauhaus song. Besides, we have lawn tickets, so it's not like I'll actually "see" anything. Now if we can figure out some way for the three of them (Barb, Kanon and Morgan) to find me when I arrive...

I need to clean Mr. Fish's bowl, but I don't have the energy.

Guess I'll go to bed. Morgan's been asleep since before 7PM and there's nothing to do anyway.

That is all.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Sick Again

Yay me, I had to call off again today. This isn't good. Now I'm all paranoid I'm going to get fired, when I know I won't. It's a good thing I'm having the gallbladder surgery Thursday since apparently it's acting up more and more. Bah.

Such a crappy post, I know, but I really don't feel like typing anymore. Besides, my quarterly visit to the potty is coming up soon.

That is all.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Naked Fat Man Ass

As the title proclaims, I was subjected to naked fat man ass. Morgan and I went to Super Summit yesterday, and we needed cash for the food vendors. We went inside to the ATM, and after I went potty, we were walking outside. Next to the entrance is the sales desk, where customers can get advice on what part(s) they need. A huge man was leaning on the desk, with his shirt hiked up in the back. There it was, the largest fat man ass I'd ever seen. I'm talking 3/4 of this guy's ass was visible, and he had to have known. Everyone was walking by giggling, and I wanted to tell the guy, but how would I have said something? "Excuse me fat man, but your icky ass is offending the customers." Yeah, I'm sure it would have went over well. I'm still traumatized.

Super Summit was OK. Really it wasn't anything more than a huge car show, and there weren't really any great cars anyway. The weather was crappy in the morning, so I'm sure that had something to do with it, but I wasn't impressed. The best part was the bucket of fries, followed closely by the cool stickers and Flowmaster key chain. It's a good thing admission and parking is free, or I'd have been pretty pissed off. Morgan and I arrived about 2:45PM and left before 4:30PM.

Stan Hywet is on Father's Day, which sucks because I'm having surgery 3 days prior. I seriously doubt I'll be in any shape to walk around a car show, but maybe I'll surprise myself.

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, Morgan and I are moving July 15. We found a townhouse in Jackson Township. It's really freaking nice, and so huge! 1680 square feet, with 2 bedrooms, a half-bath downstairs, full bath upstairs, dining room, living room, kitchen and a full basement. We'll have a washer/dryer, dishwasher, garbage disposal, central air and a carport. We have a garage here, but have to pay extra, and it's pretty useless. Additional parking is in front of our unit, which will rule. I so can't wait to move! Oh, we'll have a patio too, and there's a neighbor dog (Golden Retriever) as well. LOL We'll get a cat once we've moved everything in, and are settled.

On the way from Super Summit, and on our way to the Wink's show in Barberton, we drove past the Goodyear blimp base (right click, save as; it's a video.) This is the original blimp base, and is now a research facility for Lockheed Martin, who partners with NASA and the government. It recently caught on fire, but, as you can see, it's still intact.

Once in Barberton, I took a picture of the giant Reiter Dairy cow.

Morgan and I were supposed to see the new X-Men movie today, but it looks like he's going to sleep all day instead. I need to run to UPS and get a shipping estimate for a few things I have on eBay, then zip to the post office to mail a few things. Why am I always at the post office or UPS?

Last weekend we were even more busy than this weekend. Saturday I had a haircut, then Morgan and I went to Ohio Auto Supply to buy detailing stuff. We then buzzed to Parma so Morgan could wax Mark's T/A, and so we could buy the 4th Gen seats for my car, along with the black GTA rear rims. As payment for Morgan detailing the T/A, Mark gave me the grid tail lights for the Birdy, and the new grey door sills. Woo! Sunday we had the Arby's car show, took my Mom out for ice cream and Morgan rescued a snapping turtle. He and I were going to Summit to buy some stuff, and on the way a small turtle was trying to cross the road. By the time we'd turned around to rescue him, someone had run him over. About 3 miles from Summit we came across a huge snapping turtle trying to cross the road. We turned around and were able to keep this one from getting squished. Yes, we rescue turtles. Stop laughing. Monday found us going to Parma again so I could take advantage of Torrid's half-off clearance sale. After the mall I met up with an old friend from school, and he and I hung out for an hour or so. He's moving to New Jersey in a week and a half, though, so we won't get to hang out anymore. On the way home Morgan and I stopped at Z28 Jeff's house. We drove the LT1 woody wagon, and were amazed by how quick it is. Yes, a woody wagon is freakishly fast with the LT1 engine.

I started taking calls Tuesday at work. They had us on the phones earlier than usual because of Super Summit. I took around 40 calls in 3 days with no overtly hostile callers! It's nowhere near as complex as I thought, and I'm sure I'll do fine.

OK, I think everything is updated now.

That is all.


Photos of our new townhouse. They're not the best, but give a general idea.


Full Bath 1

Full Bath 2


Half Bath

Kitchen 1

Kitchen 2

Living Room/Dining Room 1

Living RoomDining Room 2

Master Bedroom 1

Master Bedroom 2


I suck at taking photos. There aren't any of the basement, because it's a basic basement. Cement floor with cement block walls, everything painted grey. The place is much larger than the photos depict, and I didn't even take any photos of the second bedroom. I'm so lame.

That is all.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Such A Horrible Blogger

I am the worst blogger ever, I know. I just realized I've been awake for 20 hours, which could be why I'm so freaking tired. I need sleep, then I'll make time for a post tomorrow. Most likely while I'm at the laundromat washing the comforter, and the clothes we've dirtied since Wednesday. We go through clothes like crazy, plus 2 towels every day. I bought a ton of new towels so we can make it through the week, and now we're up to almost being able to go 2 weeks without my washing towels.

It's official. Morgan and I are moving July 15th to a townhouse in Jackson Township. It's 1680 square feet, and we'll have a washer/dryer in our basement. Yes, that's right, IN OUR BASEMENT. I'm too excited, I know.

Woo, my gallbladder surgery is a week and a half away. I can't wait.

Anyway, I'll post more tomorrow.

That is all.

Still Alive

Yes, I'm still living. Been super busy, with no time to do anything other than sleep, work and eat once in a while. I'll post a huge blog later this weekend. Promise. : )

That is all.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Laundry Post

Gah, I'm at the laundromat again, typing this up in Word since I can't access the Interweb from here (no available wireless networks.) Apparently this is now my favorite place to be, since I'm here all the freaking time. Thankfully tomorrow I get to leave work at noon, since I have my consultation with the surgeon at 1:15 in the afternoon. Hopefully I'll be able to get the surgery for Friday, but I doubt it.

How hard is it to find cute laundry baskets? I've searched all over and all I can find are the regular boring type, so that's what I had to buy. Plain, boring white laundry baskets. Since I'm always washing clothes the least I could do is find some way to make it somewhat pleasurable. But noooooooo, it has to be boring!

This weekend we really didn't do anything too exciting. Went to a car show, had Dairy Queen and Subway. Woohoo, hold me back. I did go to Target, and shoe shopping with my Mom, but I only purchased one pair of shoes, for $4! Have I mentioned how much I love Target?

By the way, Mr. Yuk means no!

Crap, my keyboard is filthy. Perhaps I should clean it or something.

Woo, the washers are almost finished!! Dammit, my feet are asleep.

Why is it the pop machines are 60 cents? Why not 50 or 75 cents? This is a laundromat, where quarters rule the world. So I never remember to bring dimes, and am therefore shit out of luck if I'm thirsty (like now.)

This evening, we emptied the pig (our piggy bank) at a Coinstar thing. We'd fed the pig over $26 in change! I figured there would be maybe $15 because I'd raided it a couple weeks ago for quarters (laundry, of course.) Apparently we spend way too much money, or have too much change. I'm not sure which it is quite yet.

OK, the washers are finished. Must do the transfer. Funtimes, I tell you, funtimes.

Gah, I wish I had a maid.

This post is all over the place, yes? See what happens when I post "live laundry casts?"

More for my memory's sake than anything else, here's where we went today:

Get Go for gas (only $2.05 with my gas discount)
K-Mart (Had a key made, and purchased various necessities)
Dairy Queen
Advance Auto (Morgan bought fog lights for Money Pit)
Wal-Mart (More keys and necessities)
Subway (Morgan's a pig; two foot longs and he ate them both)

Exciting, yes?

Yikes, the air conditioning just kicked on and I'm now freezing.

Bah, the dryers are stopping, so thus ends a very rambling post.

That is all.

Friday, May 12, 2006

I Heart Hospitals

It's a good thing I'm used to hospitals, since round two is set to commence mid-June. That's right folks, I'm having my gallbladder removed, and a liver biopsy while they're ganking my gallbladder. Hopefully the biopsy comes back normal, because if it doesn't I'll probably have to take time off work, which isn't something I want to do. I'll have to schedule the gallbladder surgery so as to not interfere with any major car events. This summer isn't going to suck like last summer (and I wasn't even pregnant last year until late, late summer.) We have money, normal work schedules and I should be back to normal pretty soon. Let the summer funness commence!

I'm tired, so I think I'll take a nap. Then I'm running to my Mom's house briefly, since I haven't been over there in 2 weeks, and Sunday is Mother's Day. She works Sunday, though, so I'll go over tonight.

We're going to Columbus tomorrow to see Viktor. Woo, I can hardly wait!! Of course there will be plenty of photos, and I'll post a couple MoBlog shots as long as T-Mobile cooperates.

I've lost 22 pounds since having Viktor, and 5 pounds since my last Dr. Jag visit. Woo for weight loss!

Fuck, it's cold in here. I better get to sleep before Morgan gets home, or I won't get any naptime.

That is all.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Where's My Discount

I can't wait until I get my employee discount. I've found two things to get for Viktor; he'll be so cute! Here's the onesie and there's a bib too. Additionally, I found two shirts for myself as well. The short sleeve is cute, but the long sleeve is peenk and brown! Not just peeeeeenk, but brown too! I don't know how much my discount would be on these items, though. The discount varies according to what I buy, and I don't qualify for the discount until June 8th (3 more weeks.) Next week I'll have Shannon look up the discounted prices for me, and if it's not a huge discount, I'll buy them next weekend instead of waiting.

Banks can suck my ass. Enough said.

I left work today at 1:30PM in order to make my liver doctor appointment at 2:15. I arrived, right on time, and was told my appointment is tomorrow at 2:15; the receptionist told me the wrong day when I scheduled the appointment. So I had to call my supervisor, and leave him a voicemail asking if I should reschedule the appointment, or go ahead and keep the appointment. He hasn't called back, so I guess I'll have to hunt him down tomorrow morning and find out. The receptionist did write a note for me, stating they screwed up and told me the wrong time for the appointment. That's all well and good, but I still feel like an ass asking to leave early again.

I should find something to make for dinner. Morgan had to fend for himself last night since I went to bed at 6:30PM. Yeah, I slept from then to 1AM, got up until 2AM, then went back to bed until 7AM. I rule.

I so can't wait until training is over and I switch to afternoons.

That is all.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I Don't Like This

I'm having the same symptoms as the first time I worked at Summit. I'm tired all the time, even though I'm going to bed early. I feel sick most of the day. I'm all spaced out. There's no way I'm pregnant again; how could it happen? Even though I had my tubes tied, I'm going to take a pregnancy test this weekend (not waiting around for 3 months like the last time.) If I don't have a period by June 6th, I will proceed to freak out. That'll be 2 months since Viktor was born, and since I'm not breastfeeding or anything, I should have a period by then. I can't believe I'm even having to worry about this; isn't that why I had my tubes cut/tied? (Which, by the way, still fucking hurts.)

I'm taking a nap.

That is all.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Back To Work

Well, my first day back is completed. It was weird being back to work after almost a year off, but it was even more weird to see everything exactly the same as when I left Summit. I have the same cube, and am surrounded by the same people. It'll take a while to get used to working 5 days a week, but I could think of much worse places to be.

Morgan wound up not getting his wisdom tooth extracted today. I guess his tooth is infected, and his face is swelled up, so the dentist wrote a prescription and rescheduled him for the 15th. Poor Morgie.

Why did I wake up at 5:30 this morning? This was after going to sleep around 2 this morning. Then I couldn't get back to sleep, which really pissed me off. Gah, I'm going to sleep now, and I'm hoping no one calls and wakes me up.

I'm going to see if I can use "Pooper" as my phone name at work. I seriously doubt they'll let me, so my back up name is "Morgan." Yes, I'm a dork, and "Camaro" is all ready taken.

That is all.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Boogers Rule

Still.Freaking.Sick. Someone, please shoot me. My throat doesn't hurt anymore, thank goodness, but I'm still stuffed up, coughing and boogery. Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow, since I start work at 8:30AM. Woo, I'm excited.

Speaking of work, I dug all of my work clothes out of the closet. I have plenty of pants, but I'm not sure how many will fit. My waist is smaller than before I got pregnant, but my stomach is still swelled up. Plus, the more I walk around the more my tummy swells up. Additionally, I've noticed some leaking after I walk around a lot. It's actually bleeding now, and not out of the incision. It's bleeding below the incision, which makes no sense to me, but that's how it is. I want to go to the hospital to have it checked, but I'm afraid they'll want to admit me for whatever reason, and I can't miss work. I guess if it starts bleeding uncontrollably, or hurts so badly that I can't function, I'll go to the hospital. Otherwise, I'll tough it out.

We went shoe shopping yesterday because Morgan needed new work shoes. Yes, Morgan went shoe shopping. He finally decided on these for $105 on sale, with tax. He says they fit well and don't hurt his feetsies. Of course, I can't go shoe shopping without buying something. I scored these for $10, with tax. Usually flip flops hurt my toes, but the cloth divider thing is awesome. They're really comfy, too.

We went to a car show today, right around the corner from our apartment. That was a nice change of pace, since we usually drive an hour to car shows. People actually wanted to look at Money Pit which I found very scary. TruckBird was there for about an hour, because Thumper and Decko were there and requested his presence. My car rules. Blackie made a brief visit as well, so all three FBodys made public appearances today.

Gah, it's all ready 9:30PM and I still have to do so much shit before going to bed by midnight. Yes, I have a bedtime again.

Almost forgot...There's a cute chipmunk apparently living in the front bumper of my Firebird. Of course, I took photos. Photo 1, photo 2 and photo 3. The shots are progressively closer of our cute chipmunk. Thankfully as soon as he hears someone come out the front door, he runs out of my car, so I don't have to worry about starting my car and hurting him. Just to be on the safe side, I knock my front bumper before I get in the car. We're going to buy some food and set it outside for him, and some food for the bunny living in the backyard as well.

That is all.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

I Forgot

I almost forgot to update about my oozing incision. I went to the Immediate Care on Saturday, to be told the oozing was the breakdown of a clot, and was totally normal. It still hasn't healed, though, so I think I'll have it checked Tuesday after my gastroentorologist appointment.

Morgan and I had a busy weekend. After I went to the Immediate Care, Morgan and I went to the Canfield Swap Meet. Man was that entertaining. Four hours, and 2 sunburns later, we came home. Sunday we went to Valley View's Quaker Steak and Lube for an FBody meeting. Present (L-R) were me & Morgan, Jeff, Erin, Matt, and a guy I didn't get to meet. Nick was also there, but not in an FBody, so there's not photo for his name, LOL. It was a nice line of FBodys, and we were there in time for the car show too! After we left Quaker, we went to Morgan's Dad's and grandma's houses (Cleveland,) then to Subway (Parma) for dinner. This weekend we're going to see Viktor in Columbus as long as his pediatrician says it's OK. Since I went to the doctor Tuesday for Strep (temp of 102, woo) and an upper respiratory infection, I want to make sure it's OK for me to be around him. I definitely don't want him getting sick, so if it's not OK this weekend, we'll see him next weekend. If we don't go to Columbus on Saturday, we're not doing anything this weekend. That'll be a nice switch from the running around I've done this week.

Dentist appointment tomorrow. That'll be fun. It's my first dentist visit in at least 10 years; I rule. I better not have a cavity or I'll be pretty pissed. I've made it 26 years without a cavity, I'd like to make it at least 26 more.

I need a haircut.

Bauhaus and Nine Inch Nails in less than 2 months. Woo!

That is all.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Yay Me!

I got my old job back. Yep, that's right, I'm going back to work at Summit Racing. I start Monday, and have to go through the training again. That's OK, at least I'll definitely know what I'm doing when I'm finished. The training class is myself and 4 guys, one of whom worked at Summit a couple years ago. I had my drug test today, which was negative of course, so I'm all set to begin Monday morning at 8:30. My hours during training are 8:30-5. After training (in August) I'll probably work Sunday-Thursday from 1:30PM-10PM. Woooooo!

Morgan's whining because I'm on the computer, so rather than put up with his bitching, I'm getting offline.

That is all.

Saturday, April 29, 2006


Gah, my incision has started to ooze. Not a lot, but enough to get my ass worried. I need to wash clothes, then I'll visit the Immediate Care. I'm sure I'll wind up with some stitches, but it's better than an infection. Ick.

I've been awake since 5:30AM, and out of bed since 6:30AM. I woke up to pee (flashback,) then couldn't go back to sleep. I also had heartburn. I woke up with heartburn yesterday, too, and felt like I was going to yak all day long. Of course, I'm terrified I'm pregnant again. Yeah, I know I was spayed, but wouldn't that be just my luck?

So yeah, I get to visit my two favorite places today; the laundrymat (yes, I know I spelled it incorrectly) and Immediate Care. OK, so the Immediate Care isn't the hospital, but it's close enough to qualify. How will I be able to handle the Canfield Swap Meet after such excitement?

Got a new cell phone yesterday and I want to ram it up someone's ass. It keeps alerting me to an "Instant Message Occurance," but won't allow me to sign on and check the IM. So, if you're IM'ing me and I'm not replying, that's why. I'm not really online and my stupid phone won't let me check the message.

Guess I should stop stalling and get my ass in gear.

That is all.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

About Time For An Update

This is going to consist of a ton of ramblings, so bear with me. See what happens when you folks wish for an update?

I can't believe Morgan and I are parents. Even though Viktor doesn't live with us, he's still our son and we're still his birth parents. We love him just as much as if we'd kept him, maybe even more, and we still think about him/talk about him every day. He'll always be a part of our lives, and we'll always be a part of his. I'm sure our first visit on May 6th will be hard, but I'm glad for the chance to see him. I hope it's a nice day so I can take him for a walk around their neighborhood. I have tons of photos of him, with 4 in the living room, but photos just aren't enough for me. I need to see him, hold him and maybe even change his diaper again. Every day I wish we hadn't given him up, but then every day I know we made the right decision to do so. Knowing it was the right decision doesn't make it any easier, though.

I drove the red RS (Money Pit) to Wal-Mart this evening. Morgan and I went to the dragstrip on Saturday, and the car pulled a pitiful 16.9 quarter mile time. It was sure quicker than that tonight; too bad I wasn't at Dragway 42.

This weekend we're busy little bees. Saturday we're going to a swap meet in Canfield, Sunday we're going to Quaker Steak and Lube in Valley View for a 3rd Gen FBody meet up, and I think we're doing something Friday too, but I can't remember right now. Anyway, yeah, we're busy this weekend and that's fine. It's good to keep the mind occupied.

I had my first check up today with Dr. Jag. My incision is healing "beautifully" and the pain I'm having in on my right side is totally normal. I guess I have some scar tissue at my right ovary from the tubal, and there's still substantial swelling on the right side. The pain is from the scar tissue, swelling and my uterus shrinking. By my next (and last) check up on June 7 I should be back to normal. The only problem is one of my steristrips was pulled loose by my clothes. When it pulled off, it ripped the incision underneath, so I have a small area of the incision that's ripped open a little bit. The weird thing is the rip doesn't bleed, ooze or anything else. That's good, but strange. If it hasn't healed on its own in 2 weeks, I'm having a couple stitches put in to help it along. Tomorrow, I have to soak my belly until I can remove the 8 remaining strips without pulling on my skin while snatching them off. Sounds like an exciting way to spend my Thursday.

My brain stopped working about 30 minutes ago; finally, 3 hours later, the Motrin is kicking in. I am out of my prescription 600MG pills, so I had to go to Wal-Mart and buy a 100 count bottle of Motrin. I'm taking them 6 at a time, so yes, I needed the 100 count bottle.

That is all.

Monday, April 17, 2006


Well now, don't I feel like a pile of dogshit? I ache all over, almost like I have the flu. So yeah, I'm totally not in the mood to blog.

I have to go to school today to re-register for classes. You know, since they kicked me out when I was in the hospital the first time. Thankfully the longest Morgan and I will have to stay at Brown Mackie is until August, then we'll transfer to Stark State. We'd like to transfer in June, but I don't think everything'll be in order by then. It may be, but probably not. Anyway, so I have to re-register and I'll return to school May 1st, but Morgan and I won't be in the same classes anymore. Gah, I hate that school.

That is all.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

I Stand Corrected

Yeah, my incision did rip open on the right hand side. Lucky me.

That is all.